28th Infantry Division Association

Battle of the Bulge

It was, without any doubt, the greatest American battle of the Second World War and it will, I believe, always be considered as a great American victory.


If it were not for the will and the determination of these men to stop the superior forces of the German army, a different chapter of history would have been written than the present.

Maj. Gen. Troy H. MIDDLETON,
Commander of the 8th Corps

The Battle of the Bulge was definitely one of the most difficult in which I have been able to participate and the stakes were considerable.

Field Marshal B. MONTGOMERY,
Commander of the 21st Army Group

Units of the 28th Division
In The Battle of the Bulge
16 December 1944 to 28 January 1945

109th, 110th, 112nd Infantry Regiments
107th, 108th, 109th, 229th Field Artillery Battalions
103rd Engineer Combat Battalion
28th CIC Det.
28th Signal Co.
728th Ordnance Co.
28th QM Co.
28th Reconnaissance Tp.
103rd Medical Battalion
707th Tank Battalion
7th Gp, 602nd, 630th Tank Destroyer Battalions
446th, 447th A.A.A. Battalion
687th Field Artillery Bn (19 Nov 44 - 1 Jan 45)
58th, 73rd Armored FA Bn
290th, 44th Engineer Combat Bn
283rd, 356th , 770th Field Artillery
CCB 9th Armored Division
319th Medical Bn Co B
319th Engineer Combat Bn, Co B, 1st Plat