About Us

The Purpose of the Organization

Founding member, CSM Richard Fonner,(Ret.) outlined the purpose of what is now known as the 28th Infantry Division Association. The organization was orginally called the 28th Infantry Division Heritage Association, but name was changed because some people interpreted "Heritage Association" with an organization that had only preservation interests and not future goals.

  1. To foster camaraderie with all active Soldiers and veterans of the 28th Infantry Division. This is especially true in our association with the veteran regimental associations.
  2. Conducting annual division conferences and reunions.
  3. Publishing a periodic roster of Association members for distribution during the annual conference/reunion.
  4. To publish a newsletter and other material as needed to keep the membership aware of matters affecting the Association and its members.
  5. Maintaining a close and cooperative relationship between the Association and the 28th Infantry Division.
  6. Support memorials honoring the 28th Infantry Division and assist in their maintenance.
  7. Collect and preserve historic documents pertaining to the history and heritage of the 28th Infantry Division.
  8. Continue educating the general public on the defense Soldiers in wars, police
    actions, conflicts, peacekeeping endeavors, and international security; and in defending and protecting the citizens of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in times of domestic disturbances and during natural or man-made disasters.
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