Our History

After World War I, the veterans of the 28th Infantry Division organized themselves into the Society of the 28th Infantry Division AEF (Army Expeditionary Force). The mission of the that organization was to commemorate the service of 28th in World War I and to remember comrades that had fallen during that war. By the late 1990's, the Society had all but disappeared due to the deaths of its members. Until the formation of what is now known as the 28th Infantry Division Association, there was no other organization of Division veterans, although there were regimental and battalion organizations.

The first All-Divisional veterans reunion was organized in 1979 in conjunction with the 100th birthday of the 28th Infantry Division. Housing for veterans returning for the event was made available at Fort Indiantown Gap. This made it convenient for them to witness the ceremonies and events attending the commemoration. No further efforts to assemble Division veterans, nor organize a veteran's organization took place until 1984 when the Signal Battalion organized an "All-Division" reunion at Indiantown Gap that year. This began the custom of holding annual Division reunions at that site.

In 1985, the veterans of the 110th Infantry Regiment directed the reunion. Following this, the Division Commander, MG Harold J. Lavell, directed that annual reunions would continue. CSM Richard Fonner was the liaison which led to the organization of the 28th Infantry Division Heritage Association. Brigadier General Lawrence L. Hammacher Jr. PNG, Retired volunteered to lead this new organization. General Hammacher retained leadership until the mid 1990s' when COL Henry Paul Brown, PNG, Retired then became the President and Executive Director of the Association.

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